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What Some of Our Customer are Saying PMP Exam Prep Boot Camp Class
Thank you for all the help. As you know I lost my job 9 months ago and was not able to find another. The class really helped my confidence with interviews and the changes you recommended on my resume helped be get a new job just one week after the bootcamp. Being 58 I was starting to wander if I was going to find another job.
- Fred
This stuff finally makes sense. I was so worried about taking your on-demand class, but the person speaking made me feel I was part of a discussion and not listening to a computer like the on-demand classes my work has.
- Karen
I have to admit you where right. Eventhough I hate online computer things this was really nice, hard, but nice. Kathleen really took the time to explain everything and answer all my questions during the online bootcamp, and I had a lot. She was very patient with me. She even took some time after class to answer more. I can't beleive how much she knows.
- Deb
I want to thank you for coming to our company and teaching the business analaysis class. I now have a completely different perspecitve on developing and managing requirements.
- Mike
I have been a program manager for over 35 years and this has been a very sobering class. Your instruction will help me formalize how we support the Air Force.
- Richard
Being very new to project management I had know idea what to expect or the amount of information would be taught. This was very cool. Can't wait to use this at my new job.
- Cindy
Can't tell you how nice it is to be able to study on my schedule using your training computer program. I am not a techy but this was easy to use. My only complaint is that there was so much information I sometimes needed to go over it a few time. The last class I took with another company there was no one to answer question it made it difficult and I did not pass the test. You guys were always there and actually cared. I am glad this is all done and I got my PMP. Thanks again.
- George
I love the on-demand class. It was not boring, it made sense and it was in English. The quizes were hard though but I guess that was needed so I can be ready for the hard PMP test. The TestMyPMP testing program got me the rest of the way. It was nice know that I would pass the PMP test before taking it.
- John
It was funny because the instructor use to work for me years ago. Now I know some of his tricks and how he did some of the things he did so well. I didn't expect to learn as much as I did. Job well done.
- Mark
I passed!!!!!! Thanks for everything and answering all my questions and helping me see how to use this stuff in my project.
- Kevin
Passed thank god. You were great. Thanks for your advice in helping me find a job.
- Kelly
What I liked most was the instructor's presentation and the guidance he provided for being prepared to take the exam, this was helpful. Also, the quizes and final exam.
- Cindy
Excellent feedback and guidance to the correct answers and preparation steps. The best part was the knowledge of the instructor and his ability to provide real world examples.
- Charlie
Thanks for all the help. Your workbook that made everything easier, to the point, and in plain English is fantastic. I also liked how the instructor really got into the dicussion instead of just doing a boring lecture.
- Robin
Your class was a huge factor--could not of imagined passing without it. There really is no getting around the "mushy" questions, you just have to follow the PMIisms and narrow down your choices and read (and reread) the question carefully. I felt that I knew a lot of the answers cold because of your prep--thanks again.
- Jak
Passed, I am now a PMP ®. I could not have passed the test without the class. Everything you said I should look for was there in the test.
- Kim
Jak was great. I did not expect there to be so much information but I now have a new perspective on project management.
- Mark
The class was interesting, interactive, fun, and useful. Instructor promoted a lot of class participation.
- Susan
The class was a lot more fun than expected. I am looking forward to trying out the new communication and requirements gathering tool we worked on in class.
- Eric
I never looked at requirements as object like code before but it makes sense now. Thanks for the great class and all of the help over the phone before and after the class. The Business Analysis class was a serious ride but very worth the trip.
- Dave
Thanks for an intense but awsome class. Jak was more of a mentor than a teacher and it helped. I was never so scared to take a test before but he made it all make sense.
- Don
Kathleen was wonderful. She really cared about making sure we were learning and not just rush through the material. She was wonderful.
- Melisa
My only question is how does Deb know so much? You can tell that she really likes teaching. She made it fun.
- Larry
Done Passed. Time for beer. You really helped me a lot and made it make sense.
- Greg
Thank you for your patience with me during the PMP boot camp, and for never putting me on the spot. I was particularly nervous because my manager's manager was in the class. I appreciated being able to answer anonymously. (Hmm, I know it wasn't the Dephi Technique but "anonymously" does make the word Delphi come to mind - imagine that)

The first day scared the liver out of me. I am used to "getting it" and fast, and being an "A" student. I got lost, wasn't getting it. I wanted to give up - feeling like I was in way over my head, but it got better day by day.

My goal today for the final exam was to just pass, which would mean I had absorbed the material. To my amazement, I exceeded what I thought I would get. Far better than I expected to do.

Now instead of feeling like I might need to take the class 3-4 more times, I know I can study my way through to where I want to be, and I'm looking forward your on-line quizzes/exams on TestMyPM. I am confident I will succeed and passing the PMP.

Thank you for a great class!
- Lisa
Thanks for helping me with my PMP ® application. I will also make those changes you said on my resume. I would not have even tried for the PMI test if it wasn't for you.
- Sweta
Instructor took time to make sure entire class knew and understood the materials. And the workbook is great, it pushes you to learn quickly to think in PMI terms.
- Mimi
I liked the interactive approach. The quizzes were great at helping me identify areas on which I need to focus my studying and was really helpful to have access to the practice exam. I appreciate having insight into the exam format. The flow was good, never boring or slow.

Great class and instructor!
- Cassandra
I want to thank you for staying after class to help me out. Couldn't have done this without the class. It was intense but worth it.
- Joe
Very conducive nature of the class and teaching environment even though classmates do not see each other online.
- Chadreck
I like the on-line nature and being able to take it from home; there was still good interaction with the class and the instructor, so I don't think much was lost from an in person class. I will defintely be taking another class (the Microsoft Project class).
- Tony
The instructor, in addition to being well-informed and good at teaching, was encouraging, upbeat, patient, and positive. Good class!
- Pauline
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